About This Site


Apparently, little is known about Jedson Acoustic guitars. This site is intended to be a place where information about the guitars can be combined for the benefit of anyone having an interest in them. They may not be collectable guitars; however they certainly are rare!

Since the site was launched, a number of Jedson owners have brought their guitars out of the closet (so to speak) and there are many nice examples in excellent condition. The only people that see to be selling are those having the Telecaster -style guitars. Quite a few have shown up on eBay in the past year. I am maintaining a record of all the Jedson sales (Blue Book) I can locate so we can establish a base-line value for each model. I will also try to develop a table of "comparables" from which a value can be assigned -- similar to the way real-estate agents determine the value of a home.

I am located in the USA; however, nearly all Jedsons are found in the UK, where the importer, Dallas Arbiter was stationed. Most sales take place on the UK eBay site. Shipping to the USA is very expensive. My archop was shipped from Scotland for more than half the cost of the guitar! I would like to bring over a Les Paul copy, or a special acoustic like the jumbo (Gibson SJ200 copy), or the full-size archtop (Gibson L4 copy), but shipping will prevent that while the US dollar has a low value on exchange.

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