Jumbo Models



The JW837 is a copy of the Gibson J200 jumbo. It appears to have solid sides and back, and a solid spruce top. The pickguard is heavily engraved, to match the Gibson. The Jedson does not have the "mustache" bridge design.



The JW837 has a three-piece back while the Gibson has a standard two-piece back.



Terada built the same guitar under the Thumb brand


Jedson JW837 Gallery 

Orchestra Models



This is a 000-size guitar having specifications very similar to the Martin 000-28. The F907 is generally found with laminated rosewood back and sides  with a solid-spruce top. The model samples are consistent in the style of the spruce top; however, there is significant variation in the sides and back woods. A few appear to have flat-sawn veneer and others appear to have quarter-sawn veneer.






Model F907 Gallery



The T1000 is identical to the F907. Interestingly, a Terada-branded T1000 exists - see below.








Acoustic Models


Several Models

Dreadnought Models


Jedson FW913

This appears to be the most current Jedson dreadnought. It generally comes with rosewood sides and back (probably laminated) and a solid spruce top. The FW913 comes with an adjustable bridge saddle like other Jedsons and Terada guitars.


Model FW913 Gallery


Jedson 9000

An early Jedson guitar having mahogany sides and back. The guitar has a standard "non-adjustable" bridge.

Model 9000 Gallery



This is a very rare Jedson model that seems to resemble the 9000. Very few photos are available.

Model W130 Gallery

9000 Dreadnought


9000 Dreadnought Model