12-String Models


12-String Models - Model W924 ?

The 12 string guitar has a dreadnought shape. The back and sides appear to be a deep mahogany stained rosewood or some kind of figured mahogany. The soundboard appears to be solid Sitka Spruce.




Jedson 12-String Guitar Gallery



Jagard brand made by Terada

This model similar  to the Jedson 9000


Jagard Brand Gallery



Jagard Guitar Catalogs

Tele Style - Single Pickup


Jedson branded two "Telecaster-style" guitars. one is a single pickup version that I refer to as "TYPE I" on this website. There are no official model numbers or serial numbers.

Single PU Type-I


Type I has no tremolo but has a tailpiece cover.


 Gallery 1Jedson Tele-Style Gallery


Tele Style - Dual Pickup


Most Jedson Tele-Style guitars have two pickups and a large tremolo arm (which is frequently missing)

I refer to this as TYPE II because there are no official model or serial numbers.

This guitar is likely made by Teisco -- it certainly uses Teisco pickups.

This model is the most common Jedson electric guitar. Sunburst is the most common color followed by cream. Two red and two bluw samples are known.

A cream sample - tremolo arm missing

A red sample -- not original tremolo arm

Blue Metallic


Tele-Style Guitar Gallery

Real Telecaster Copy


Jedson branded a genuine Telecaster. Natural and black finishes have been found. Both have maple fingerboards.


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