Solid Body Electric


Jedson was primarily known for its Gibson Les Paul and Fender Telecaster-style copies. The Les Paul copies are a very close match to the Gibson.

A true Fender Telecaster copy was also produced. There were two additional "Tele-style" electric guitars having the basic Tele shape but significantly different hardware. Also, a true Fender Stratocaster copy was produced.

PLEASE NOTE: The Tele "Style A, B and C" are not official designations. Those are titles that I applied in order to identify them on my website for those who are interested. I have no idea (nor does anyone else) know what the actual model numbers were. I wanted to clarify this because the terms are being used on eBay listings and I don't want to mislead anyone.

For most of the body types, there were 6-string and bass guitar versions.
Guitars on the left, basses on the right