There are two auditorium model numbers (F907 and T1000.) The most common is the F907. Terada has the same body with the model T1000, so this is likely a "cross-over" designation. The Jedson and Terada guitars are identical. 

This is one of two Jedson/Terada models with a metal adjustable bridge "insert." The insert contains a plastic saddle that is easy to replace. The problem with this bridge is that when it is raised even a small amount, the its base becomes elevated above the soundboard and the screws become the contact point. This dramatically deteriorates the transfer of string energy into the body of the guitar.

The bridge has such a low profile that the saddle height is very short. Read the story about the Bridge Mods one  F907 owner addressed the design flaw, gained more string height and better string cut-angle.  The tone and volume in the guitar has improved dramatically!


Body measurements match the Martin 000-28 14-fret model. 

Top:  Solid Spruce

Back and sides: Rosewood (various shades and patterns. Some flat-sawn, some quarter-sawnt.

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Neck: Mahogany