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This site started out many years ago with a focus on Jedson acoustic guitars. Over the years, other models frequently appeared, especially the Telecaster-style electric guitars. Many other guitar models were discovered and this site has grown to include those.

Of course, the most famous Jedson instrument is the Lap Steel guitar made famous by Pink Floyd leader David Gilmour. These are the most sought after Jedson instruments.

I would like to take some credit for "resurrecting" the brand by collecting as much information as I can into this single web resource. I appreciate contributions such as photographs and information about the history of the brand.

I was fortunate to have met one of the descendants of John E. Dallas and we exchanged information that was helpful to both of us. 

The discovery of two Jedson catalogs from the 1930s made it clear that Jedson was not just a brand but a musical merchandise distributor. The catalogs contain instruments, parts, and accessories from many sources. Reminds me of Musician'sfriend that we have today.


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